When I was five years old, I won an award for a crayon drawing called “The Future”. It was a wild drawing of a giant butterfly surrounded by flying cars under a yellow sky. It was the epitome of freedom. Since making this drawing, my freedom to imagine and create has not slowed down. A lesson I hold dearly from this experience is that design and art allow me to contextualize my mind and imagination. Today, I continue to live out this lesson as a motion designer, opening unexplored realms by challenging the limits of what the world holds now.


ArtCenter College of Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration
Graduated with Honors

Buck - Designer
Buck - Junior Designer
Sid Lee - Junior Designer
Hello Design - Contract Designer
Buck, LA - Design Intern
Brand New School, LA - Design Intern
Flavor TV, LA - Design Intern
Art Center College of Design - Teacher’s Assistant