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A by Alberta Ballet Company 
UI/UX | Interface Design | Design Research

As a designer living in the 21st century, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of diversity in the world of ballet as I was developing a visual identity system for the Alberta Ballet Company. I realized that the core of this issue is the income-based and race-based differences that decide whether or not a potential talent has access to the world of ballet. I wanted to solve this issue, by creating an app that gives access and materials for the art of ballet to a diverse range of people and to every potential talent that is out there so that they have the choice to choose this path.

Why Create this App?

  1. The ballet industry is lacking in diversity and support for those who are underprivileged. The lack of representation in its artist as well as not having enough easily accessible sources for low-income groups creates great a hole in integrating different voices in ballet.
  2. In a world consumed by digital media, the ballet industry is unable to keep up. Currently, there is a low percentage in viewership and following for the art of ballet. By creating this app for the Alberta Ballet Company, we will future proof Alberta Ballet Company and the ballet industry.

image courtesy of Under Armour
Credit: Under Armour

Misty Copeland

“How many amazing artists have we missed out on, because they weren’t given support and an opportunity? So I feel like I want to be the voice of so many that didn’t have what I have,”

- Misty Copeland

Credit: Maurice Seymour

Anne Raven Wilkinson

“This black woman came on the screen and she started speaking and it was the first time that I felt like I recognized myself in another dancer and it was so powerful,”

- Misty Copeland after watching Raven Willkinson for the first time in a documentary.

Credit: Getty Image

Simone Manuel

“I think through it all, what I learned was Black people can swim, we just weren’t given an equal opportunity to be successful in the sport...”

- Simone Manuel

A by ABC

A is the start of an alphabet a start to a new path. The letter A is also the first letter of the word Audience and Artist. A  by ABC will help to pave a path to becoming an audience and to an artist in the ballet world.


There are four components to this app,
The Stage, The Studio, The Spotlight, and You.

01. The Stage

The Stage is an area that will stream affordable ballet performances to give exposure to ballet to potential talent.

01. The Stage Continued

The stage not only provides performances but will also act as a ticketing/ wallet like interface to easily access in-person performances.

02. The Studio

The Studio provides accessible online learning tools that opens the curiosity and interest for the ballet to those who might have not had the chance to before this app.

03. The Spotlight

The spotlight is a community space for dancers from all backgrounds to have a chance in connecting with the ballet community, share their talent, show support for their dancer peers as well as creating mentorships. The company is also capable of discovering new talent in a reach unimaginable before.

04. You

You give an overview of your connection, saved courses and performances as well as helping the user stay on top of their schedules.

05. Shortcuts

The home of the apps not only welcomes the user but also works as a shortcut throughout the app. The user is able to navigate to the most important tasks and functions through this homepage.