08 / 09

Title Sequence | Motion Design

The feeling of loneliness, brokenness, and the process of healing is a stage of life that many people may face. When I watched the movie Her, by Spike Jonze, I found that Theodore, although an extremely fragmented character was a character that can also touch many hearts of the viewer. His process of life crumbling from a divorce to a life of healing through Samantha, the AI system was a beautiful story that I wanted to depict in this title sequence.
The concept will focus on Theodore being repaired by Samantha. Theodore will be represented by the fragmented images of flowers which symbolize his broken emotions, lack of expression as well as his first failed marriage. The images will be on a light table to mimic the look of an investigation room where things are repaired. As the sequence continues, these images will start to conform to the title, Her to show that despite being in such condition, Samantha was able to repair him as a whole.

As for the process, the images of the flowers were first shot and printed into the letter “Her”. The letters were then fragmented and shot on a white background. In Photoshop the letter was composited to resemble the look of a light table. The hands were shot on top of a light source and brought into be composited as well.

Image Shooting

Early Variations

Type Treatment